WCPeace Officers

Jim Stoffels - chairman and treasurer, of Richland, Washington, is a retired senior research physicist from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at the Hanford Nuclear Site. He has also worked in the Kennewick (Washington) School District as an assistant to students with developmental disabilities. A former member of the Richland City Council, Jim is a co-founder of World Citizens for Peace and of the B Reactor Museum Association.

gene_w.jpg (7448 bytes)Gene Weisskopf - vice chairman, of Richland, Washington, is a writer of nonfiction, including popular-press computer books and, more recently, Hanford history. He is a past president of the B Reactor Museum Association and has ridden his bike more than 50,000 miles throughout the region.victoria&gizi.jpg (8061 bytes)





Victoria Dixon - Peace Ambassador, of Kennewick, Washington, is a U.S. Air Force veteran and homemaker who walked "Barefoot for Peace" 2002-2007, mostly in opposition to the U.S. war against Iraq. She is seen in the photograph with her daughter, Gizi (Gizella).