World Citizens for Peace and The Bomb

List of images in the order they appear in this history of WCPeace

File Name Description
wcp001-web.jpg Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner
wcp002-web.jpg Burning synagogue in Siegen, Germany
wcp003-web.jpg Enrico Fermi
wcp004-web.jpg Glenn Seaborg
wcp005-web.jpg Pearl Harbor aerial view
wcp006-web.jpg Ford Island at Pearl Harbor
wcp007-web.jpg USS Arizona
wcp140-web.jpg General Leslie R. Groves
wcp135-web.jpg Enrico Fermi and Chicago Pile-1
wcp008-web.jpg Hanford Site today, aerial view with 300 Area in foreground
wcp136-web.jpg Hanford construction camp
wcp138-web.jpg Hanford workers in mess hall
wcp133-web.jpg Construction at B Reactor
wcp141-web.jpg Workers laying graphite for reactor block
wcp132-web.jpg 100-B area soon after completion
wcp009-web.jpg B Reactor front face
wcp010-web.jpg Trinity test
wcp011-web.jpg Order to bomb
wcp012-web.jpg Hiroshima atomic bomb
wcp013-web.jpg Hiroshima mushroom cloud
wcp014-web.jpg Hiroshima scene three hours after bombing
wcp015-web.jpg Hiroshima ruins
wcp016-web.jpg Nagasaki atomic bomb
wcp017-web.jpg Nagasaki mushroom cloud
wcp018-web.jpg Nagasaki scene the following day (Yamahata photo)
wcp019-web.jpg Nagasaki ruins
wcp020-web.jpg WCP's first event - flyer
wcp021-web.jpg WCP's first event - August 1982 (Tri-City Herald photo)
wcp022-web.jpg Maurice Warner
wcp023-web.jpg White Train vigil in Pasco, March 21, 1983
wcp024-web.jpg White Train in Montana
wcp025-web.jpg On the tracks at Portland, Oregon
wcp026-web.jpg PUREX re-start protest, May 23, 1983
wcp027-web.jpg PUREX fuel reprocessing plant
wcp028-web.jpg Columbia River Walk for Disarmament
wcp029-web.jpg Women "On The Line"
wcp030-web.jpg Women "On The Line" in John Dam Plaza
wcp031-web.jpg 1984 Nagasaki-Hiroshima Memorial, audience
wcp032-web.jpg 1984 Memorial, Rev. Paul Felver speaking
wcp033-web.jpg 1984 Memorial, Buddhist nun speaking
wcp034-web.jpg Skit at 1984 Memorial
wcp035-web.jpg Skit at 1984 Memorial
wcp036-web.jpg Skit at 1984 Memorial
wcp037-web.jpg Skit at 1984 Memorial
wcp038-web.jpg Pat Herbert, door chaining (Tri-City Herald photo)
wcp039-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, audience
wcp040-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, audience
wcp041-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, American flag
wcp042-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, Japanese flag
wcp043-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, Methodist Bishop Melvin Talbert
wcp044-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, opening "Bell of Peace" parcel
wcp045-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, hanging bell on stand
wcp046-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, Bob Ellis accepting "Bell of Peace," held by Jim Stoffels
wcp047-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, closeup of "Bell of Peace" and parcel
wcp048-web.jpg 1985 Memorial, "A Peace Gathering," Dick Gordon photograph
wcp049-web.jpg Hanford protest defendants at trial, December 11, 1985
wcp050-web.jpg Civil Disobedience training at Richland Library, August 5, 1986
wcp051-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Rally at Federal Building 
wcp052-web.jpg 1986 August 6, banner in John Dam Plaza
wcp053-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Rally at Federal Building
wcp054-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Rally at Federal Building
wcp055-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Rally at Federal Building
wcp056-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Road block, staging area
wcp057-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Road block
wcp058-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Road block
wcp059-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Road block, traffic backed up on bypass highway
wcp060-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Road block, DOE or FBI taking pictures
wcp061-web.jpg 1986 August 6 Road block, Deborah Beadle arrested
wcp062-web.jpg 1986 Memorial, audience
wcp063-web.jpg 1986 Memorial, Jacob and William Valentine-Sisk
wcp064-web.jpg 1986 Memorial, Micki and John Perry
wcp065-web.jpg 1986 Memorial, Barbara Clark
wcp066-web.jpg 1986 Memorial, Rev. Shokai Kanai
wcp067-web.jpg 1986 Memorial, Rev. Shokai Kanai and Rev. Al Aosved
wcp068-web.jpg COHO logo
wcp069-web.jpg April 1987 COHO rally on Chernobyl anniversary
wcp070-web.jpg April 1987 COHO rally, overall crowd scene
wcp071-web.jpg April 1987 COHO rally, closer up
wcp072-web.jpg April 1987 COHO rally, group circle
wcp073-web.jpg April 1987 COHO rally, Gail Blegen-Frost and Courtney
wcp074-web.jpg April 1987 Simultaneous Hanford Family rally
wcp075-web.jpg April 1987 Hanford Family musicians
wcp076-web.jpg April 1987 COHO rally, musicians
wcp077-web.jpg April 1987 Richland police officers
wcp078-web.jpg April 1987 Dave Gilkey (COHO) and Robert Aldrich (Hanford Family)
wcp079-web.jpg April 1987 Rally at Vernita rest stop
wcp080-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, balloon release
wcp081-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, balloon release
wcp082-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, balloon release
wcp083-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, fence climbers in whites
wcp084-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, lambs to the slaughter
wcp085-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, crossing the highway to the fence
wcp086-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, supporters lining the fence
wcp087-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, over the fence
wcp088-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, Hanford patrol waiting
wcp089-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, helicopter in the air
wcp090-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, arrests, from left: Dan Jones, Jackie Wolf, Nikki Coyote, Al Mangan
wcp091-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, more arrests, from left: Jackie Wolf, Dana Schuerholz, Al Mangan
wcp092-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, and more arrests, from left: Nikki Coyote, Lourdes Fuentes, Deborah Beadle, Dana Schuerholz
wcp093-web.jpg April 1987 Vernita, arrest finale
wcp094-web.jpg August 1987 Rally at Federal Building, signs
wcp095-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, in front
wcp096-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, proceeding inside
wcp097-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, in lobby
wcp098-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, blocking rear entry
wcp099-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, sit-in
wcp100-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, arrests
wcp101-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, carried on stretcher
wcp102-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, Deborah Beadle
wcp103-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, awaiting "limo"
wcp104-web.jpg August 1987 Federal Building, locked up tight
wcp105-web.jpg August 1987 Ronald Reagan, the actor (poster)
wcp106-web.jpg August 1987 Doukhobor concert
wcp107-web.jpg August 1987 Doukhobor concert
wcp108-web.jpg August 1987 Doukhobor choir
wcp109-web.jpg August 1987 Memorial
wcp110-web.jpg August 1987 Hanford Family rally
wcp111-web.jpg August 1987 Memorial, Rick Burnett
wcp112-web.jpg August 1987 Memorial, Frost family
wcp113-web.jpg August 1987 Memorial, Rev. Genjo Marinello
wcp114-web.jpg August 1987 Memorial, Rev. Genjo Marinello and airplane
wcp142-web.jpg Norb Drouhard at the Richland WA Federal Building - 1988
wcp115-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, at Richland High School
wcp116-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, Sakae Itoh and Hiroshi Hara with Marcia Cillan
wcp117-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, begin raft trip at Vernita bridge
wcp118-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, launching rafts
wcp119-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, Hiroshi Hara paddling
wcp120-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, approaching N Reactor
wcp121-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, closer to N Reactor
wcp122-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, guard tower at N Reactor
wcp123-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, coyote on south bank
wcp124-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, mule deer on north bank
wcp125-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, stopping for lunch on Island No. 1
wcp126-web.jpg 1988 Japan Peace Tour, "Things Change," photo copyright by Jim Stoffels
wcp128-web.jpg 2002 Hiroshima Flame Pilgrimage, service at Shalom UCC, Jun Yasuda and Mike Brown
wcp127-web.jpg 2002 Hiroshima Flame Pilgrimage, at Hanford 300 Area gate
wcp129-web.jpg 2002 Hiroshima Flame Pilgrimage, service at Unitarian church, Jun Yasuda and David Harrison
wcp146-web.jpg 2005 Gensuikyo peace tour at the children's section of City View Cemetery in Pasco, Washington. Kneeling (center, in red) is June Stark Casey, a Hanford "downwinder" who organized the visit of the Japanese activists.
wcp143-web.jpg 2005 Interfaith Hanford-to-Bangor Peace Walk, opening ceremony in John Dam Plaza
wcp144-web.jpg 2005 Interfaith Hanford-to-Bangor Peace Walk, Buddhist monks lead the peace walkers
wcp145-web.jpg 2005 Interfaith Hanford-to-Bangor Peace Walk, approaching the Hanford 300 Area gate
wcp130-web.jpg COHO logo at the Smithsonian

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